Holls holds a BFA in textiles and surface design (aka “fiberarts”) from Truman State University in Missouri, USA. She also holds an MBA with a specialization in luxury good marketing from the International University of Monaco, in Monte Carlo.

“Learning how to market luxury goods made sense to me, as I esteem that art falls under that category. Upon finishing my studies, I worked as a marketing and brand strategy consultant during several years for various luxury companies. In 2010, I joined a petroleum services company where I worked in finance and then in digital communications. My artwork has always been going on bit by bit in the background while I gained valuable experience in the business world: how to entice buyers, how to tell stories about products, how to create interest around a brand, and how to use the internet and all its vast ressources to help achieve goals.”


After more than 10 years of professional business experience, Holls decided to put her savoir-faire to work for herself, selling her own collections of original artworks. Working from her home studio in Menton, France, che dyes, paints, machine sews, and hand embroiders unique pieces designated to hang on the walls of homes and offices.

Holls is also following a series of certifications in haute couture embroidery with a renowned haute coutire embroider in Lyon, France. She will begin to integrate the skills learned in consequent bodies of works.

“I am greatly looking forward to what this creative future holds for me. I belive the world needs art, to touch us and remind us of what’s important and good in the world, as well as to incite us to take action on what needs our attention and energy. Hand-dyeing combined with sewing and embroidery are a unique way to approach these reminders ansd provocations, which are also deeply tied to our artisanal past. In the past, people understood and had a deeper appreciation for those who devoted time to delivering high craftsmanship – something I feel is missing in today’s disposable world. I would like to see a return to value being placed on high craftmanship.”