This site is designed to showcase my work and provide a warts-and-all documentary of my starting point and growth as a professional artist.  To find out how this American gal ended up in France, check out my blog.


I find that fiber art allows a richness of technique in a way few other areas of artistic expertise do.  Employing traditional and nontraditional quilting methods, I dye, screen print, free motion sew, and embroider modern tapestries which hang on the wall.  Traditional heirloom quilts can be commissioned by special request.  Elements of photography, bead work, and weaving are also present in certain bodies of work I’ve produced.

Artist Statement

Using my own hand-dyed and painted textiles, and employing traditional and nontraditional quilting methods, I create works that wrap the viewer in scenes of comfort, joy, and nostalgia.

From the blog…

Meet Gertrude – my little old lady

This is the story of how I discovered that furniture restoration is not my calling. Meet Gertrude.  We inherited little old Gertie with the purchase of our little old house. …

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How bad do you want this?

Wow.  Just wow.  In looking at my last post, it strikes me how much change my little family and I have undergone. We have: moved house, started renovating said house,…

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