Fiber art A tactile weaving of stories, culture, and aesthetic

When it comes to handmade objects, you’ll always have something one-of-a-kind and special.

In my atelier, quality, beauty, and craftsmanship are given as much attention as impact on the environment and usefulness to the individual. Gifts and works of art are often made wholly or at least in part of repurposed fabric, with elements of hand-designed textiles.  Facing the dilemma of meaningful gift-giving in today’s culture of over consumption, I offer gift items packed full of everything I love and stand for:

  • Beautiful design
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Attention to detail
  • Practicality
  • Impact on the environment
  • Impact on personal energy (feng shui)
  • And always with some special element of surprise…




Fiber art is a vast area of fine arts, commonly defined as works of art including natural, synthetic, or animal fibers.  It covers all fields from weaving to clothing design, basketry to papermaking, just to name a few.

Employing traditional and nontraditional quilting methods, I dye, screen print, free motion sew, and hand-embroider new and upcycled textiles to create modern works of art and craft.  Elements of photography, bead work, and weaving are present in certain bodies of work I’ve produced.  While much of what I create is intended to hang on the wall, I also create high-end decorative items for home and personal use.



Artist Statement

Incorporating colors and elements of feng shui with upcycled fabrics, in harmony with my own hand-dyed and painted textiles, I infuse my works with positive energy, eco-consciousness, and sumptuous beauty.  We become like that which we surround ourselves with, so my goal is to ensure my patrons are surrounded by goodness and light.

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