Holls holds a BFA in textiles and surface design (aka “fiberarts”) from Truman State University in Missouri, USA. She also holds an MBA with a specialization in luxury goods marketing from the International University of Monaco, in Monte Carlo.

“Learning how to market luxury goods made sense to me, as I esteem that art falls under the category of Luxury. Since graduating, I’ve worked in marketing, brand strategy, and corporate and digital communications. Artwork has always been a constant in the background while I gained valuable experience in the business world.”


After more than 10 years in the corporate environment, Holls decided to turn all of her experience inward, undertaking studies of feng shui and haute couture embroidery, as well as the environmental impacts of the clothing industry.  The result is her latest collections of upcycled artworks and personal items.

“I believe the world needs art, to touch us and remind us of what’s important and good in the world; of what connects us, instead of putting so much attention on what tears us apart.  Art can incite us to take action on what needs our attention and energy. Upcycling textiles through manipulations such as hand-dyeing, sewing, and embroidery are a unique way to approach these reminders and provocations, which are also deeply tied to our artisanal past.  I think the world is ready for a slower pace, ready to take action and seek what is good for the global community, instead of the quick gain of a few. The world is ready to bring back a devotion to delivering high craftsmanship – something that somehow got lost in today’s disposable world. By glorifying the cast aside, in my case textiles, I give it new life and longevity.”